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2017 Community Tree Giveaway Social Media Round-up

If you haven’t heard, KDB LOVES trees! Each fall, we give away more than 700 of them through our Community Tree Giveaway, an 19-year old free tree program dedicated to enhancing Denton’s urban tree canopy. We also love seeing the pictures that flood our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages following the Giveaway each year. Whether you tagged us directly, or shared your photos using the #mykdbtree hashtag, we can’t get enough of these pics of people with their beloved new trees. Check out the photo round-up below from this year’s Community Tree Giveaway, and keep on planting trees!

How Littered is Denton? 2017 Community Appearance Index Results

What is the Community Appearance Index & Why is it Important?

In August, KDB completed its annual Community Appearance Index, which is a visual litter scan to determine how littered our community is (or appears to be) and where coordinated community cleanup efforts should take place. Two teams, made up of volunteers, KDB board members, and staff, teamed up to score litter prevalence along ninety-six different roadway “zones” in Denton. As an affiliate organization of Keep America Beautiful (KAB), we must complete the Community Appearance Index each year, along with a comprehensive cost-benefit report, to remain an affiliate in good standing.

Each zone was rated by district covering 96 roadway zones

How Does the Rating Scale Work?

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) designed a rating scale to determine rate of litter prevalence on a scale of 1 to 4, with “1” indicating the least littered and “4” being extremely littered. The highest score of “4” on the scale indicates extreme litter prevalence, to the point of requiring a coordinated community cleanup effort or even contractor removal of large dumped items.

Litter Index Scale 1: Minimal or No Litter


Litter Index Scale 2: Slightly Littered


Litter Index Scale 3: Littered


Litter Index Scale 4: Extremely Littered

The Results 

Denton scored a 1.4 (on a scale of 1 to 4), which is the slightest increase from last year’s rating of 1.3. Looking at the scores by voting district, District 4 averaged on the low end, with a score of 1.1, while Districts 1, 2, and 3 all saw scores of 1.44 or higher.


What Does this Mean?

While its difficult to attribute the increase to a single cause, growing population numbers, weather conditions (wind, rain), and frequency of litter cleanup efforts can all play a role in increasing observable rates of litter. Overall, 1.4 is an excellent rating, and we are proud of how clean Denton looks. However, we did see some areas where we’ll need to coordinate more cleanup efforts in the future to ensure our community is the best it can be.


How YOU Can Help

  1. Organize a special cleanup with friends in Denton – we’ll provide free supplies and point you in the right direction.
  2. Adopt a spot in Denton! Adopt-A-Spot partners are assigned a mile of roadway and are responsible for keeping it litter-free year-round.
  3. Pick up litter as you walk or ride around Denton. This is one of the easiest things you can do every day. Take a bag with you when you go on a walk, and pick up what you can. Join Reverse Litter‘s effort to pick up “Ten on Tuesday!”
  4. Don’t litter! This is a given, but just in case you’ve forgotten…make sure you put your trash where it belongs – in the trash or recycle container. And don’t forget, cigarette butts are litter too, in fact, the most littered item in the country.


A Snapshot from 30 Years of KDB: Adopt-A-Spot Program

This throwback edition highlights one of KDB’s longest-running and largest programs, Adopt-A-Spot. Since 1990, our nearly 40 Adopt-A-Spot partners have worked hard year-round to ensure their mile of Denton roadway is litter-free. Volunteers are responsible for picking up thousands of pounds of litter each year from Denton’s roadways, contributing to a cleaner, more beautiful city; a higher quality of life for residents; and a vibrant local economy. Being an adopter gives participants an opportunity to give back to the community, teach their children about community responsibility, receive positive publicity for their business, and gain valuable community service experience.












We recently just updated our Adopt-A-Spot signs. Be sure to keep an eye out for them around town!

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KDB’s “30th Anniversary Snapshot” is a recurring blog segment, highlighting interesting and lesser-known features of KDB’s history, in honor of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Year.  Acknowledgements to the KDB 30th Anniversary Committee; KDB Board Member, Mannix O’Connor; and former KDB staff member, Nicole Vance for their contributions to this post.