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Volunteer with us and help prevent cigarette litter! Join KDB for a cigarette litter cleanup on the Downtown Square – Friday, May 1. Email volunteer@kdb.org to sign up!

November 2014 was proclaimed “Cigarette Litter Prevention Month” in Denton!

Read the Mayoral Proclamation here, or view a video of the Proclamation from the November 4 City Council meeting.


KDB is putting cigarette litter in its place.

**Volunteer to help us clean up cigarette litter Friday, May 1! Email volunteer@kdb.org for details and to sign up.**

Cigarette butt litter is the # 1 most littered item in the U.S.

Since 2007, Keep Denton Beautiful has implemented the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) to raise public awareness of the problem of cigarette butt litter, and actively reduce litter in the Denton community.  KDB’s focus for 2014 is the Downtown Denton Square, where preliminary results are showing an average 25% reduction in cigarette litter following a series of cleanups; the installation of permanent ash receptacles throughout Downtown; and an ongoing social marketing campaign.

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  • If you’re a smoker… Help “Keep the Square Clean” by using the new ash receptacles placed around the Downtown area!
  • If you’re a business owner/area stakeholder… Request a campaign poster to hang up and promote the program message (i.e., Cigarette butts are litter – dispose of them properly).
  • If you’re a Denton resident or friend of our community… Help us get some buzz going! Share and re-tweet, forward our newsletter features, and talk up the campaign.
  • If you still want to do more… Volunteer to help with a cleanup, or give us your feedback.

Denton Mayor’s Proclamation of “Cigarette Litter Prevention Month” (November 2014)

Video of the Mayoral Proclamation from the Denton City Council Meeting on November 4.

This program is made possible with support from: