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A Snapshot from 30 Years of KDB: Redbud Days and Romp

The annual Redbud Festival is Denton’s official Arbor Day event, held each spring. The event is an educational and fun way for residents to socialize, buy plants and home improvement materials. Attendees of all ages can learn about tree planting and other topics through free workshops.

The first Redbud Day was held in 1994, but prior to this, Texas State College (now known as Texas Woman’s University) had held a Redbud event from 1939 to 1981. During the ’90s, this event was called “Redbud Days and Romp” and featured 1K and 5K races which hosted more than 240 runners. In 2001, the event was renamed “Denton Redbud Festival” and has thrived as a family-friendly festival ever since!


KDB’s “30th Anniversary Snapshot” is a recurring blog segment, highlighting interesting and lesser-known features of KDB’s history, in honor of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Year.  Acknowledgements to the KDB 30th Anniversary Committee; KDB Board Member, Mannix O’Connor; and former KDB staff member, Nicole Vance for their contributions to this post.