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A Snapshot from 30 Years of KDB: Tree City USA

KDB has been responsible for Denton’s designation as a Tree City USA for 26 years. Tree City communities are committed to preserving, planting, and caring for trees. In this photo, Denton Mayor Bob Castleberry in 1991 is shown speaking on the occasion of Denton’s annual Tree City USA re-certification. Since then, KDB has partnered with the City of Denton to make great strides for trees through plantings, giveaways, and preservation.

KDB’s “30th Anniversary Snapshot” is a recurring blog segment, highlighting interesting and lesser-known features of KDB’s history, in honor of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Year.  Acknowledgements to the KDB 30th Anniversary Committee; KDB Board Member, Mannix O’Connor; and former KDB staff member, Nicole Vance for their contributions to this post.