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A Snapshot from 30 Years of KDB

When you’re looking to improve your community, an old fence and some funky shoes can go a long way! Long-time KDB volunteer and Rose Costumes owner, Judy Smith, knows this all too well. Any Dentonite can tell you about the Rose Costumes fence on Sherman drive, lined with art and shoes that change with the seasons. But did you know that this infamous site is also one of 50 KDB Adopt-a-Spot locations citywide?

For more than 20 years, the Adopt-A-Spot Program has been offered by KDB as a way for Denton residents to take a hands-on role in keeping litter off our city’s streets. Dozens of volunteers help maintain Adopt-A-Spots all around town. These dedicated groups commit to picking up litter at their “spot” at least four times a year, to reduce litter – and its environmental impact on our community – by keeping it out of waterways and public spaces. Some volunteers – like Judy and Rose Costumes – go above and beyond, adding whimsical details and beautifying touches to their site. This investment of time and creativity reaps major benefits, fostering community pride and building a unique sense of character for our city.

KDB Adopt-A-Spot volunteers find their own sense of community pride from keeping their spot clean and beautiful, year after year. Sustaining volunteers like Judy and Rose Costumes can be proud that they’ve created a clean, beautiful spot that also serves as a treasured landmark for our community. So the next time you give directions and say, “turn after you see the shoes,” remember the dedicated Adopt-A-Spot volunteers who make it all possible!

Photo by Will Milne


KDB’s “30th Anniversary Snapshot” is a recurring blog segment, highlighting interesting and lesser-known features of KDB’s history, in honor of the organization’s 30th Anniversary Year.  Acknowledgements to the KDB 30th Anniversary Committee; KDB Board Member, Mannix O’Connor; and former KDB staff member, Nicole Vance for their contributions to this post.