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New Year Resolutions

KDB, You, and those New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, and that means you have probably made some resolutions to help you reach a goal or two. Here at KDB, we think we can help you reach a few of those.

Giving back to my community

Everything we do at KDB benefits Denton directly – our money stays right here to cleanup your streets, give out trees to your neighbors, and provide grants to local schools. You can help us achieve our mission of a clean, beautiful, vibrant Denton by:

Volunteer more

If this is one of your resolutions, KDB has you covered! We have lots of volunteer opportunities – for groups and individuals!

For more information, visit our website or contact our Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Carly Weld, at volunteer@kdb.org or (940) 349-8738.

Plan for the future

A great way to plan for the future is to plant a tree! It may seem small now, but in time, that tree will provide much needed shade. Trees provide more benefits than shade, though, like decreased energy costs, increased property values, and decreased crime. Early spring a good time to plant – so check out of Denton’s local nurseries to chat about a tree for your yard. You may be eligible for a Tree Rebate on your utility bill if you plant a qualifying tree.

  • Receive a free when you attend a Free Tree Class at the Denton Redbud Festival on April 13. Read more and sign up beginning March 11.
  • Register to receive a free tree at the 2019 Community Tree Giveaway on Oct. 19. Choose from one of seven native or adapted tree species to enhance your hard. Learn more here and register beginning Oct. 1 at kdb.org.

Dallas Drive Mural

Mural Artscapes Project

Have you seen the mural that’s going up on the railroad bridge at Dallas Drive and Eagle Drive?! KDB’s long-time vision is finally becoming a reality! The work started late November, but it was all set in motion in late 2016 when the KDB Mural Artscapes Committee selected the site. After a blind review, the Committee and KDB Board selected Dallas-based artist Dan Colcer for the mural that serves as an entry into Denton. 

The project really took off this past July when KDB received a $10,000 grant from Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Partners. The grant, along with an earlier $900 grant from the Greater Denton Arts Council and a sponsorship from Denton Municipal Electric, covers the artist fee and cost for the road closure. 

The City’s Community Improvement Services department prepped the site by removing the existing, fading mural and graffiti, clearing brush from the site, and applying a base coat as part of their graffiti abatement program. With a clear canvas, Mr. Colcer began work on November 26. 

The KDB Board of Directors wanted the mural to represent Denton and highlight landmarks and local plants found in our vibrant community. The mural includes the iconic Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square, Denton Firefighters’ Museum, Little Chapel in-the-Woods, the Murchison Performing Arts Center, and various native plants and flowers. 

A few days have been lost due to cold temperatures and wet weather, but the mural is expected to be completed just in time for the new year.  If you drive by and see Mr. Colcer working, be sure to give him a honk to let him know how much you love the mural! 

Business Member Spotlight – Painted Flower Farm

Photo: Shelby Powell

Painted Flower Farm has been a Pecal Level Business Member since 2015. A local, family-owned nursery, they specialize in native and adapted herbaceous perennials. They have long been a vendor at the annual Denton Redbud Festival, where festival-goers are able to choose from their variety of flowers, shrubs, and herbs. Their store in Denton is overflowing with pots and hanging plants – waiting for you to take home! Visit them at their store a 3801 Lariat Rd, Denton, TX 76207, or give them a call at 940.382.3789.

We asked the owner, Don, a few questions about Denton and why he chooses to support Keep Denton Beautiful.

How long have you been in Denton?
Lived here since 1990. Painted Flower Farm started in 1995 as a small horse farm. The nursery started in 2003.

What’s the most inspiring place in Denton?
The improvement in the Square and the “near Square”.

What impact do you think KDB has on the Denton community?
Urban encroachment in the last decade has changed Denton significantly.  Whether that is good or bad is a matter of opinion but it is real.  Urbanization can lead to decay and unattractiveness.  KDB and their activities have fought against the decay that is inevitable. It is hard to quantify what has been the effect of this fight since we don’t know what Denton would be like without KDB. My belief is that KDB has helped greatly to slow the decay associated with urbanization.

What does “Keep Denton Beautiful” mean to you?
Environmental activists volunteering to keep their community from suffering too much from the effects of increased populations.

What causes or other activities do you support in the community?
Native Plant Society; Master Gardeners; Community Market; Environmental action groups at UNT and TWU.

Is there anything new your business is working on this year, or seasonal projects?
Evaluating Hosta species as pot plants for shady patios, determining interest in Do-it-yourself succulent and other indoor potted plants.

We are so appreciative of Don and everyone at Painted Flower Farm for their support of Keep Denton Beautiful! Interested in being a member? Check out our Business Membership options.