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The Impact of Denton’s Great American Cleanup – A Volunteer Perspective

Each year, the Great American Cleanup (GAC), Denton’s largest community cleanup, brings together thousands of volunteers to remove tons of litter from our city’s streets, public spaces, and waterways. Sadly, to protect the health and safety of the community and our volunteers, KDB took precautionary measures and cancelled the 32nd Annual GAC on March 21, 2020. We, at KDB, often share why we think community wide volunteerism is important but wanted to hear directly from a community member. We asked Suzi Rumohr, a member of Bike Denton, an organization that participates in GAC and KDB’s Adopt-A-Spot program, to share why she and Bike Denton participate in the event each year and the value such events bring to our community.

Why does Bike Denton volunteer for the Great American Cleanup?

A primary goal of Bike Denton is to increase the opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of bicycling, which includes building community! Not only does the Great American Cleanup present an opportunity to bicycle and to build community, but it is also a perfect partnership for cleaning the rail trail, in particular. Using bicycles and bicycle trailers to clean the trail is more efficient and easier than walking and also demonstrates another way people can complete a task without using a motor vehicle and contributing to air pollution.

What do you like most about the event?

Participating in a large event where everyone is working towards the same goal creates such a great sense of community. It’s fun to see everyone use their individual skills to solve problems. In the case of Bike Denton, the special skill is the ability to pick up and transport litter on the rail trail without a motor vehicle. Most of all, the best thing about this event is seeing how much cleaner the city looks afterwards!

What impact do you think litter cleanups make on our community?

In addition to getting some of the current litter cleaned up, community litter cleanups promote ownership and pride in the community, awareness of the quantity and types of litter in our city and can inspire participants to continue to clean up bits of litter they see every day and also be more careful about the waste they produce themselves.

Congratulations KDB + YOU Film Contest Award Winners!

Keep Denton Beautiful's Special Projects Committee is pleased to showcase the award winning films from our inaugural KDB + YOU Film Contest.

The contest engaged local students with the mission of KDB, to create a clean and beautiful Denton, while tapping into the creative Dentonite spirit. Winning films were awarded a $50 cash prize and an honorable mention was also given. We hope you enjoy!

Award Recipients

Keep Denton Beautiful by Oskar Shields

Yard Wars!

Honorable Mention

Mother Nature VS Garbage Man

Keep Denton Beautiful by Oskar Shields

  • Oskar Shields: Director; Writer; Producer; Key Cast

Yard Wars!

  • Noah Waddell: Director; Cast - Neighbor 1
  • Melody Henry: Director; Editor
  • Cooper Clark: Cast - Neighbor 2
  • Katelyn Stone: Cast - Little Girl; Camera
  • Beckie Mason: Cast - Neighbor 3
  • Alexis Morino: Sound Op
  • Ania Mangwiro: Camera
  • Cindy Tran: Camera

Mother Nature VS Garbage Man

  • Lorenzo Cañizares: Director; Writer; Producer; Cast - Invisible Woman
  • Bea Cañizares: Cast - Mother Nature/ Girl
  • Emma Campbell: Cast - Mother Nature
  • Jaxon Hess: Cast - Garbage Man, Invisible Woman

2019-20 KDB Grant Awards

Since 2007, KDB has given out grants for environmental education and neighborhood beautification projects to Denton area schools and community groups. This year, KDB awarded a total of $4,957 in grant funding to seven groups. These grants funded school projects to build rain gardens and continued construction of a greenhouse. Through the projects, students are not only able to learn about the environment, but how to become better stewards of the environment. The neighborhood beautification projects funded this year include the construction of pollinator gardens, entryway revitalization, native plant landscaping, and a bike rack and art garden both at one local business. The grants seek to beautify spaces in Denton while nurturing a sense of community pride, and we think this year’s projects did just that!

Total amount in grants: $4,957

Neighborhood Beautification Grants – $3,957

  • Denton Assistance Center, Inc. (Serve Denton) – $1000
  • Good Samaritan Society – Denton Village – $1,000
  • SCRAP Denton - $532
  • Solutions of North Texas - $975
  • Southridge Recreation Club - $450

Environmental Education Grants – $1,000

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School – $500
  • Koan School – $500

These grants were generously underwritten by the following sponsors:

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