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Blooming with Beauty: A Look at KDB’s Spring Yard of the Month Winners

Yard of the Month Winners (March through May)

March Yard of the Month: 524 Magnolia Street

The owner of this garden understands the importance of gardening as a therapeutic activity, and to make the community more beautiful, which she has always loved to do.

This isn’t the first time she’s been awarded the title of KDB Yard of the Month. In fact, she remembers having her ten-year old granddaughter, who is now grown, pose in front of the sign for her first win.  The homeowner tried to pass along her appreciation of gardening to her grandchildren and has seen some success in getting them interested.

April Yards of the Month: 722 W Oak Street + Wash-It-Kwik

722 W Oak Street: The homeowners at 722 W Oak Street have been developing their garden themselves since first purchasing the home in 2004. Keeping with the historical theme of their home, they use historical plants that were commercially available prior to 1906, the year the house was built. They’ve planted 15 kinds of fruit, including fig, quince, elderberry, and paw paw that would have been growing in 1906.

The homeowners say the use of heirloom plants helps to conserve water, and they’ve even seen the water bill decrease as grass has been replaced with perennials and reseeding annuals. There’s quite a bit of history in their garden, as one of the rose bushes once grew in Josephine Bonaparte’s garden. Another rose plant came to Texas in a covered wagon, and a number of plants were grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. The side yard gets mostly shade, and it features 22 Japanese Red Maples, Buckeye Trees from Williamsburg, and three century old pecan trees.

Because the yard is a certified wildlife habitat, certified by the North American Butterfly Association, and a Monarch Waystation, it provides host plants and environmental conditions to support all stages of a butterfly’s life cycle. Because of this, they have an organic garden, meaning they don’t use chemicals or pesticides.


We love this business Yard of the Month for a few reasons:

  • They make the most out of a small space;
  • They’ve chosen native and adapted plants like Red Yucca, Greencloud Texas Sage, and cacti
  • The plants utilised are drought-tolerant and water conserving
  • Lots of lush greens are used with pops of color
  • Mulch! The use of mulch helps with water retention for the plants.


May Yards of the Month: 701 Malone + The Greenhouse Restaurant & Bar

701 Malone: This wild-scape design was chosen because of the variety of native and adapted plants like purple coneflower, yellow lantana, and Henry Duelberg sage. It is truly a pollinator’s paradise!

The Greenhouse Restaurant & Bar: Ken and Carey Currin, owners of GreenHouse Restaurant and Bar on Locust Street, have designed, installed, and maintained the yard since opening their doors in 1998. That’s nearly 20 years of Denton beautification!

A few reasons we love this yard:

  • Its abundant variety of native and adapted Texas plants like Oak Leaf Hydrangea, sunflowers, Autumn Sage, Silver Cloud Texas Sage, and Gregg’s Blue Mistflower
  • It provides a beautiful setting for patio dining and pedestrians
  • And of course, it makes Denton a more beautiful city!

Have you noticed a beautiful yard in your neighborhood? Nominate them for KDB’s Yard of the Month!