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2017-18 KDB Grant Recipients

Environmental Education Grant Header

Every year, Keep Denton Beautiful (KDB) awards up to $3,000 for environmental learning projects through KDB’s Environmental Education Grant Program. Public and private schools in the City of Denton and Denton ISD are eligible to apply for funding through the Environmental Education Grant program, and the KDB Board selects the winning schools based on a number of project criteria, such as how it will encourage student participation in outdoor learning and natural resource stewardship, along with the knowledge and skills that will be gained through their project. Ultimately, the KDB Board awarded funding to seven Denton schools whose proposed projects showed significant planning and school-wide support. KDB staff and Board members have presented grant checks to these awarded schools. We can’t wait to see how their projects turn out!

Environmental Education Grant Winners

Borman Elementary School

Borman Elementary School received a $500 KDB grant to renovate an existing outdoor learning center at their school.

Borman Elementary grant recipients with KDB staff member, Autumn Natalie.


Denton High School

Denton High School received a grant for $500 to to renovate their courtyard area and garden beds in front of their school. The students hope it will create more outdoor learning opportunities!

Denton HS’s courtyard to be renovated using KDB grant.
KDB staff member, Autumn Natalie presents check to Denton HS students.

Evers Park Elementary School

Evers Park Elementary School received a $500 grant to renovate their existing garden beds this spring!

KDB staff Julie Anderson, Autumn Natalie, Renzo Villamero and KDB Board Member Kathy Glasschroeder present KDB Grant to Evers Park Elementary recipients.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School

Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICCS) received a $500 grant to fund a solar-powered heater for their newly constructed greenhouse. The greenhouse pictured below was previously funded through a 2016-17 KDB Grant!

KDB board members, Haywood Morgan and Kim Phillips, and KDB staff member Julie Anderson present check to grant recipients.

McMath Middle School

McMath Middle School received a $330 grant to fund front screens and new plantings for their existing school garden beds.

KDB staff member Julie Anderson and KDB board member Kim Phillips present check to McMath Middle School grant recipients.

Newton Rayzor Elementary School

Newton Rayzor Elementary School received a grant of just under $500 to fund new plantings and composters for their existing gardens. This grant was generously underwritten by City of Denton Watershed Protection.

KDB staff member Julie Anderson, City of Denton Watershed Protection staff member JoEtta Dailey, and KDB board members, Kathy Glasschroeder, Lancine Bentley, and Kim Phillips present check to Newton Rayzor grant recipients.

Rodriguez Middle School

First-time grant recipient, Rodriguez Middle School received a $500 grant to fund a new outdoor learning area that encourages physical education outdoors.

Rodriguez Middle School KDB Grant recipients

In addition to the Environmental Education Grant Program, KDB offers grant awards to neighborhoods, nonprofits, and other community groups through the Neighborhood Beautification Grant Program. Up to $1,000 in funding is provided for improvement projects that achieve one or more of the following: improve neighborhood public spaces; beautify the community; or nurture a shared sense of neighborhood identity and community pride. The KDB Board awarded funding to three applicants for the 2017-18 program year.

Neighborhood Beautification Grant Winners:

Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village

Good Samaritan Society – Lake Forest Village received a $1,000 grant to beautify and replace existing rose beds infected with the plant disease Rose Rosette.

KDB staff member Celia Spilotro presents check to KDB Grant recipients.

Lucky Locks Beauty Bar

Lucky Locks Beauty Bar received $1,000 to fund the beautiful mural pictured below. It has been completed and can be viewed at Lucky Locks Beauty Bar on Austin St. Go check it out now!

KDB staff member Celia Spilotro and KDB Board President Ali Silva present check to KDB Grant recipients.

Rowdy Bees and Denton County Brewing Co.

Rowdy Bees and Denton County Brewing Co. received a $500 grant to fund the creation of public bee-friendly gardens on site at Denton County Brewing Co. We are buzzing about this project!

KDB staff members Julie Anderson and Celia Spilotro, and KDB board members, Katharine Wilcox, Ali Silva, Kathy Glasschroeder, and Gary Cocke present check to grant recipients.

Yard of the Month 2017 Winners Recap

As the end of the year nears, we would like the show a recap of this year’s Yard of the Month winners. We had some great contestants and we love coming out to see everyone’s beautiful yards and properties. We encourage people to keep on the lookout if you or someone you know has a yard that would be a great candidate to win our Yard of the Month award. Both residential and business properties are eligible. As always, don’t forget to keep making Denton beautiful!


End of Year Special Cleanups Feature

We would like to take the time to once again say thank you and a big round of applause to everyone who took the time out of their day to participate in our special cleanups this year. Our special cleanup opportunities are always a great way to get out into the community with your friends and organizations to better the environment through litter abatement. This volunteering opportunity happens all year round. These are just some of the many teams that participated in our special cleanups this year. If you are interested in participating in a special cleanup or any other volunteering opportunity contact us at volunteer@kdb.org or call us at (940)349-8738.