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Artscapes: A Mural Art Initiative by Keep Denton Beautiful

ARTSCAPES is a community beautification initiative, created to inspire civic pride and abate graffiti in Denton’s public spaces by painting new murals throughout the city.

Keep Denton Beautiful, with input from Denton volunteers and neighborhoods, has launched a new effort to create painted mural artwork in key gateway points and neighborhood areas around Denton. The Artscapes Mural Art Initiative targets high traffic and graffiti-prone sites for new murals, using a street art aesthetic to achieve the following goals:

  • beautify and enliven public spaces
  • abate graffiti, and
  • inspire community action to keep our city clean and beautiful.

The Artists

Through the Artscapes initiative, Keep Denton Beautiful has worked with the following artists to create a series of new public murals:

Travis Sykes – Mural at Bell Avenue and Sherman Drive (completed April 2016)

Shay McAnally – Mural at Bonnie Brae and Scripture Streets (completed March 2016)

Mick Burson – Mural on the SCRAP Denton building – corner of Bell Avenue and Sycamore (completed May 2015)

Dan Colcer – Mural underneath Union Pacific Railroad crossing near intersection of Dallas Drive (US-77) and Eagle Drive.

The Murals

Mick Burson mural – Bell Avenue and Prairie Street

Shay McAnally mural – Bonnie Brae and Scripture

Travis Sykes mural – Bell Avenue and Sherman Drive

Railroad Bridge at Dallas Drive and Eagle Drive

Why Murals?

Nationally, public mural art has shown to be effective for beautifying sites that are chronically prone to graffiti. Keep America Beautiful affiliates – like Keep Denton Beautiful – have had great success with this approach around the country, creating more beautiful public spaces and instilling community pride in the process. This strategy is the foundation of the Artscapes Mural Initiative.

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How are sites and artists selected?

Mural locations and artists are selected in collaboration with Keep Denton Beautiful’s Mural Art Committee, which consists of volunteer community members who are passionate about the work of KDB, and support efforts to beautify our city. Committee members specifically look at the following when selecting both artists and sites for new projects:

  • Site ownership and permissions
  • Overall cost
  • Potential visibility and impact to the community
  • Relevance to the primary goals of the initiative (beautification, graffiti abatement, and fostering community pride)

To learn more about committee membership, and to complete a committee member application, click here.

How is this being funded?

Funding for the Artscapes murals is made possible entirely through support from sponsorships and community donations. To make a tax-deductible, secure online contribution to Artscapes and support Keep Denton Beautiful’s grass roots beautification efforts, click here.


For questions about the Artscapes Initiative, please contact KDB’s Program Manager for Keep Denton Beautiful at (940)349-8711 or programmanager@kdb.org.