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Meetup Cleanup

KDB is transferring our existing Special Cleanup volunteer opportunities into the Meetup Cleanup Program.

KDB’s Meetup Cleanup program provides volunteer opportunities to cleanup a street or neighborhood in Denton. Meetup Cleanups are flexible around your schedule and group size. The cleanups can be a one-time, team-building exercise or can be completed on a monthly or weekly basis. To volunteer, set up an appointment to stop by the KDB office, go over program guidelines, and pick up cleanup supplies and a location that is convenient for you. KDB Staff can assign your location or discuss a neighborhood event. After the cleanup, we ask that you complete a short report to document your impact.

Meetup Cleanups aim to:

  • Reduce litter in Denton
  • Educate residents on proper waste disposal methods and available options
  • Engage residents in neighborhood-level sustainable stewardship

If you would like information on how to support this new KDB program or to arrange a Meetup Cleanup for your group, fill out this online form, contact the Keep Denton Beautiful Volunteer Coordinator at (940) 349-8737, or email volunteer@kdb.org

More exciting programming coming soon!

Meetup Cleanup Report

Please report the impact you made on the Denton community by filling out the form below! Also, please dispose of all trash/recycling bags in your personal or business dumpster, or in the dumpsters at 608 E. Hickory St. (Green=Trash; Blue=Recycling).

Meetup Cleanup Report