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Students: Join KDB’s 2018 Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off!

Hey, UNT and TWU students: Are you ready for the Big Event? Each year, students the country volunteer at the Big Event, a nationally recognized student-run day of service and make big change in their community. YOU can take part in the Big Event too, right here in Denton on March 24! This year, KDB is working with both universities to provide litter cleanup opportunities to hundreds of students.

We’re shaking things up in 2018 with across-campus litter cleanup competition!

The ‘Don’t mess with Texas: Trash-Off’ is KDB’s new host-site experience for Big Event at UNT and TWU. Students who sign up to volunteer with KDB through their university’s Big Event will join the largest one-day cleanup event in the state! It wouldn’t be much of a competition without some prizes, so we’re awarding university cleanup groups for the following: Largest Group, Most Trash Bags collected, and Most Unusual Item Found. Request KDB when you sign up for Big Event to become part of this new competitive service opportunity- KDB’s Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off!


UNT’s Asian Student Association Gears up for KDB’s ‘Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off’

In preparation for the competition, we asked our most dedicated organizations if they’re ready for the event. UNT’s Asian Student Association ( ASA) is a social, cultural group with the mission to spread awareness of Asian culture on the UNT campus and throughout the Denton community. ASA focuses on creating an environment that accepts everyone and inspires long-term bonds for their 100 active members of Asian and non-Asian ethnicities, which includes Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, Hispanic and African American.

They believe they have “strength in numbers,” and they’re confident they’ll rise to the challenge for the Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off competition. ASA President Nell Jackson and other ASA officers think ASA will find the ‘Most Unusual Item’ during the cleanup competition. “We are always down for some competition, even between members,” Jackson told KDB. “The more eyes we have, the better chance we have of finding something unusual.”

 Above: ASA members volunteering at KDB’s 2017 Great American Cleanup.

ASA wishes their competitors good luck and reminds them to have a good time during the event. Be sure to select KDB as your organization or group’s host site for Big Event, so you can get in on the action. Think your group has what it takes to take home a prize? Bring your best, help us eliminate litter in Denton, and you might take a treasure home!

  • For years now ASA has been volunteering at KDB Denia Wildflower Garden workdays, the Community Tree Giveaway, and the Great American Cleanup. ASA President Nell Jackson says they especially enjoy the garden cleanups because they love “seeing the change the garden brings to the community and working with other student organizations.” Jackson says, “we love getting our hands dirty for a good cause!”

“One of our members dresses up in overalls and work boots because he loves [the garden workdays] so much!” Jackson said. You can join our next garden workday at the Denia Wildflower Garden: click here for more information!