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Painted Flower Farm and Planting

We know it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about your garden and what to plant for the spring – even in March! It’s a good time to plant vegetables like brussel sprouts, broccoli, radishes, spinach, and turnips. It’s also a good time for those annuals you see blooming every spring like dianthus, petunias, and alyssum. If you don’t know where to start, start at Painted Flower Farm. Don and his crew at Painted Flower Farm have been in the business for many years and can help you with just about anything related to your garden and yard. They are also a KDB Business Member – Pecan Level for the past four years. Even better, current KDB members receive a 10% discount on purchases!

Painted Flower Farm | 3801 Lariat Road | Denton, TX 76207 | www.paintedflowerfarm.com

What to Plant in Denton this April

As spring gets into full swing, and temperatures continue to rise, you can begin to think about adding summer-friendly plants to your garden. Colorful summery flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be planted now in preparation for the warm months ahead.

Obedient Plant is a native Texan flower that is typically easy to plant and maintain. Its stalks are topped with clusters of pink, bell-shaped flowers that are excellent for attracting hummingbirds. These flowers will bloom in late summer to early fall, and should be planted in partial shade.

Texas Asters are native chrysanthemums that produce small, lavender blossoms. Their color and nectar will likely attract butterflies, bees, and birds! These flowers are loved for their color and beauty, but bloom only briefly in the late summer.

Photo by Anonymous via Texas SmartScape
Photo of Texas Asters via Texas SmartScape

Winecups are another Texas native with a rich, reddish flower and a white center. Butterflies will be attracted to a garden featuring winecups, as they are an excellent form of nectar for them. Winecups typically bloom from spring to mid-summer.

Many fruits and vegetables can be planted in April, in preparation for fresh, seasonal summer cooking. Eggplant is one edible plant that needs warm temperatures Рand plenty of space to grow! Eggplant thrives in the summertime, so be sure to plant them when the ground is warm. Its deep purple color is an attractive addition to a colorful garden, and it can be used for a variety of dishes and snacks. Different varieties of eggplant Рincluding Thai and Japanese eggplant Рcan add variety and make a unique addition to both a garden, and to fresh home-cooked meals. Both of these eggplant varieties grow well in the Texas summer heat.

Thai Eggplant
Image of Thai Eggplant courtesy of thegourmetcollegestudent.blogspot.com

Sweet potatoes can also be planted around this time. Their attractive, dark, leafy vines, adding a beautiful, aesthetic element. This is another plant that loves the sun and the heat, making it a great option for Denton gardens.

Summer squash grows in abundance in North Texas, making it a versatile vegetable for cooking in the summer months. Squash seeds should be sewn into fertile soil, in an area where the plants will receive full sunlight. Beware of squash bugs, which can be prevalent in this area, and wreak havoc on these plants. Using organic pesticide methods – such as those outlined in the Integrated Pest Management approach – can help to control these bugs without harming other plants in the garden.

squash bug
Photo of Squash Bug, courtesy of bugguide.net

Perennials are an option for gardens this month, although fall is typically the better time to plant them. Nurseries are bursting with perennials this time of year, and there is never a shortage of beautiful and unique plants to catch the eye.

KDB’s long-time local nursery partner, Painted Flower Farm, will be hosting a large plant sale at the Denton Redbud Festival later this month, on Saturday, April 18. Be sure to stop by and stock up for your April gardening!

In conjunction with this year’s Redbud Festival, Home Depot will also be holding an off-site Texas SmartScape water conserving plant sale. If there’s a plant you can’t find at the Redbud Festival, you’re sure to find it here! This sale will be held at Home Depot’s Denton location¬†on the day of Denton Redbud Festival – Saturday, April 18.

Planting vibrant flowers and vegetables this April will help to prepare your garden for an abundant summer! As always, happy planting from all of us at KDB!

For more advice on pruning and planting, check out some tips from our friends with the Denton County Master Gardeners Association and the Denton County Extension Office.

Finally, be sure to buy your starters, seeds and supplies from our local partners Painted Flower Farm and Four Seasons Nursery and get a KDB members-only discount when you renew your membership for 2015! Just show your KDB membership card at checkout.