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Tree Giveaway 2014

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Tree Giveaway 2014 has come and gone. We can’t thank our sponsors and incredible volunteers enough – you made this year’s giveaway one of the best ever! We hope that our Tree Giveaway participants feel the same way. Thanks to the combined¬† effort of our sponsors, volunteers, and participants, 700 new trees are in the ground in Denton! How exciting is that?!

Our awesome intern and photographer, Shannon Randol, took some fantastic photos that really capture the spirit of the day!

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Why yes, it was still dark outside when our volunteers arrived for duty. That’s how dedicated they are!
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Plus side to being up and about before the sun? Sunrise.
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Everyone who got a free tree also got a goodie bag filled with tree planting info and a coupon for free Dyno Dirt!

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This was a popular station this year. We love it when neighbors collaborate and carpool to pick up each other’s trees – what a great sense of community! Plus, fewer cars in the line means everything moves faster, and the air is cleaner!
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Did you know that the container that your free tree comes in can actually help KDB? For every pot we return to the tree farm that supplies our trees, we earn credit towards next year’s trees! Tree Giveaway is our most expensive program, so every little bit helps! You can return your empty Tree Giveaway tree-container to the KDB office anytime – just leave it on the doorstep!


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Master Naturalist, Marilyn, and the City’s Urban Forester, Haywood Morgan joined our knowledgeable volunteer team!

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This was our first year to have our tshirts available for purchase. The proceeds from this $10 tshirt go towards KDB programs like Community Tree Giveaway!
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A little sponsor appreciation!

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