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Photos from Tree Giveaway 2015

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Despite the rain, this year’s Community Tree Giveaway was one of the best ever! We were so inspired by our hardworking, cheerful volunteers who were so ready to help – no matter what the weather decided to do – and the hundreds of Dentonites who came out and made this year’s event such a success!


All of the photos in this post were taken by KDB volunteer photographer, Adrian Samano of Filmhaus Pictures. Adrian did such an amazing job capturing the spirit of the Community Tree Giveaway!

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Tag your pictures with #MyKDBTree and complete the short, My KDB Tree survey to help us track survival rates and distribution for the more than 2,500 trees distributed each year through KDB tree programs.

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See, our intern Chris actually had a pretty good attitude! Most of the time.

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This year’s Tree Giveaway shirt will be available for sale soon through KDB’s upcoming online merch store!

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